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Looking for more detailed responses and actionable insights?

Skyrocket your response rates and root your business strategy with real-time market analysis. Qwary delivers cutting-edge survey software solutions, so you can reach more customers, employees, and market participants with lower drop rates. It all starts with a conversation.

A Smarter Approach

Collect high-quality, holistic data with a conversational survey approach and reach your customers through more channels, like Alexa.

Personalized surveys are proven to achieve higher response rates with stronger engagement.

Every Qwary template is optimized with a responsive design for mobile, desktop, and tablet.


Create Surveys in Seconds

Visually Stunning and Exceptionally Simple

You’ll love Qwary’s intelligently simple user interface.

Take advantage of 90+ market-ready templates and suggested questions or compose your survey campaign from scratch. Elevate your online surveys with Qwary’s integrated image libraries, modern gradient color presets, and eye-catching, seamless video loops.

Explore our Examples

Visually Stunning and Exceptionally Simple

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Give your employees a vehicle for changing behavior and a chance to feel heard by creating an interactive survey.

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Develop a robust strategy for patient retention. Create and distribute survey with ease, collect quality data.

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Product Pricing

Create an engaging survey and find out how much your customers are willing to pay for product/service that you offer.

View example

Multilingual Surveys

A Global Approach to Feedback for International Markets

Qwary connects the world with 100+ language options.

Easily compose a survey in the language of your choice and take advantage of our dynamic translation tools to create copies in different languages with the click of a button. With Qwary, you can personalize survey links to start a conversation in the end user’s target language. Or, allow the participant to select their preferred language from a wide list of options at the start of the questionnaire!


Let it Flow

Visual Question Sorting and Survey Planning


Eliminate Mistakes

View and edit your feedback form with a bird’s eye view to prevent mistakes and roll out the perfect questionnaire.


Customize Q/A Paths

Just like a genuine conversation, Qwary surveys can branch off and follow new response threads.


Seamless Follow-Ups

Gather more information with intuitive secondary questions based on the participant’s previous responses.

Reach Participants Anytime, Anywhere

Open communication through more touchpoints than ever before.


Alexa Business Skills

The world’s first Alexa survey integration.


Email Surveys

Custom from start to finish – invitations, reminders, and thanks.


Keyword Text Responses

Start conversations with a single keyword.


Anonymous Links

Candid and direct – Qwary makes it easy.


Text Message Links

Achieve impressive response rates with a survey link.


QR Codes

Download, print, and scan for instant access.


Interactive Texts

Engage more directly, right inside the messenger.

Turning Insights into Action

Industry-Leading Analytics Tools

Comparison Analysis

Track hidden trends and compare variables with the click of a button.

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Sentimental Analysis

Pre-configured visuals take sentimental reports to the next level with automated keyword tracking.

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Rating Analysis

Find out what is driving your NPS score down and what resonates deeply with customers.

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Key Driver Analysis

Streamline your marketing strategy with a deeper understanding of what attributes hold the greatest influence.

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