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Maximize Product Impact Across
the Entire Customer Journey

Increase Product Adoption

Increase Product Adoption

Dive into the specifics of how different customer segments interact with your product, tailoring strategies for broader, more effective adoption.

Improve Conversion Rate

Improve Conversion Rate

Turn visitor interactions into conversions with insights that refine and optimize every step of your funnel.

Reduce Customer Churn

Reduce Customer Churn

Stay ahead of churn by deeply understanding user feedback and swiftly addressing concerns. Keep your users close and satisfied.

Reduce Assumptions

Reduce Assumptions

Replace guesswork with certainty. Make decisions rooted in reliable, user-generated data.

The Complete Toolkit for Product Teams

We empowers  product teams with tools for deep insights and user engagement, from ideation to execution
In-Product Survey
Get immediate user feedback right within your product, enhancing relevance.
Prototype Testing
Quickly test and refine your designs, ensuring they resonate with your users.
Website Feedback
Evolve your products and website based on direct user input, ensuring satisfaction.
Session Recording
Watch how users interact with your product, pinpointing areas to improve.
Quickly test and refine your designs, ensuring they resonate with your users.
In-Product SurveyPrototype TestingWebsite FeedbackSession RecordingIn-Product Survey Tool
multi-channel surveys
Reach users wherever they are, gathering insights that shape better experiences.
video Feedback
Connect deeply with users through video, uncovering insights that drive innovation.

Harness Actionable Insights to Guide Your Product Evolution

Utilize Qwary's comprehensive analytics to turn user feedback into impactful product enhancements.
See what grabs your users’ attention, optimizing for a smoother journey.
Conversion Funnel Analysis
Understand where and why users convert, refining your funnel for better results.
Customer Journey Dashboards
Gain a clear view of the user journey, optimizing touchpoints for better engagement.
CX Analysis
Uncover trends and gain actionable insights for impactful improvements through advanced analytics.
Trends Analysis
Identify emerging patterns and trends in user feedback. Stay ahead of market shifts and user expectations to keep your product relevant and competitive.
AI Analysis
Utilize AI-driven  analysis to unpack user sentiments and feedback. Gain nuanced understanding of user opinions and preferences for targeted product improvements.
HeatmapsConversion funnel analysisCustom journey dashboardsCX analysisTrends analysisAI analysis

Empowering Key
Product Development Roles

Product Marketing Teams
Product Marketing Teams are pivotal in shaping market-ready products. Qwary's insights help these teams understand user responses to marketing strategies, fine-tuning their approach for maximum market impact.
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Product marketing teams
Product Managers
Product Managers are at the forefront of delivering products that resonate with users. Qwary's comprehensive feedback mechanisms guide them in tailoring products that meet and exceed user expectations.
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Product managers
User Researchers
User Researchers delve into the psyche of the user base. With Qwary, they gain access to rich, varied data, enabling them to draw insights that drive user-centric product design.
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User researchers
Marketing Teams
Marketing Teams play a crucial role in user engagement. Qwary’s feedback analysis tools provide them with the insights needed to create compelling, user-focused campaigns.
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Marketing teams
Customer Success Teams
Customer Success Teams are the bridge between users and product improvements. Qwary equips them with real-time feedback for quick resolution, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.
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Customer success teams
Business Leadership
Leaders need a comprehensive understanding of the product landscape. Qwary’s advanced analytics provide them with the strategic insights necessary for high-level decision-making and market leadership.
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Business leadership

Seamless Integration for Holistic Product Insights

Unlock the full potential of your product development and user research by integrating Qwary with your existing business tools. Explore how our integrations can streamline your workflow and enhance user experience.

Success Stories with Qwary

Qwary has revolutionized our approach to enhancing the digital experience for our customers at Scelgo. The platform's tailored reporting not only boosts our engagement with customer but also allows us to measure KPIs across different departments within our stores. Qwary's ease of use, intuitive interface, and robust functionality make it an essential tool for us. It helps us understand and meet customer needs, perfectly aligning with our values at Scelgo.

Andre Brandimarte

Experience manager @Scelgo S.p.A

Integrating Qwary's in-product surveys has revolutionized how we connect with our users. We gather instant feedback during key moments of the user journey, leading to significant enhancements in our product experience. This direct line to our users' needs has not only improved satisfaction but also boosted our engagement and retention. Qwary's tools have been crucial in our mission to deliver a superior user experience.

Alex Schmidt

Product Manager @Bitpanda

Qwary has revolutionized how we measure overall customer satisfaction and gain detailed insights into their journey. Its unified approach to experience data has not only streamlined our processes but also significantly enhanced our ability to understand and respond to customer needs. The platform's comprehensive reporting and intuitive interface make it an indispensable tool for our team, enabling us to achieve and exceed our goals with ease.

Jennifer Larsen

Product Experience Manager @Instabox

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