Build Strong Relationships with Proactive Interactions

Make data-driven decisions, unlock a deeper understanding of every customer, and turn plain numbers into actionable insights facilitating customer satisfaction and business success.

Qwary Zendesk integration

Experience Customer Relationship Optimization

Trigger automated feedback with Qwary surveys to pinpoint emerging trends and areas of improvement.
In-depth customer understanding

In-Depth Customer Understanding

Close the feedback loop from customer support interactions, leading to actionable insights. Configure automated surveys after Zendesk ticket closure to gain authentic data from customers.

Proactive problem solving

Proactive Problem-Solving

Leverage Qwary surveys to predict issues customers are facing and proactively deliver solutions. Reach out to at-risk customers and prevent churn.

Build Stronger Relationships: Improve Customer Experiences and Satisfaction

Never let your customers feel undervalued and misheard by automating survey execution to analyze their actions and sentiments.

Automated Feedback Capture

Qwary allows Zendesk users to deploy targeted surveys after ticket closure to capture valuable customer feedback and sentiments while they are fresh. You can customize surveys based on ticket priority, eliminate manual feedback analysis, and streamline post-ticket feedback loops.

Automated feedback capture
Real time results integration

Real-Time Results Integration

Harness real-time data integration with bidirectional relationships between Qwary and Zendesk. Seamlessly synchronize customer response data and CSAT scores from Qwary surveys to Zendesk tickets. Empower your customer support executives with immediate access to response data, leading to personalized follow-up and proactive issue resolution.

Track User NPS

Always stay in touch with your end-users by tracking their experiences with your services with a quantitative analysis. Identify at-risk customers based on Zendesk ticket history and track improvements over time. You can measure the impact of changes in products, new launches, and outreach strategies quickly, fostering continuous improvement.

Track user NPS

Automate customer feedback capture and analysis with Qwary-Zendesk Integration.