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Revolutionize the traditional survey model with Text/SMS surveys. Qwary’s conversational survey templates excel on the most popular messaging channels. Gather more feedback via mobile with SMS text and Facebook Messenger.

SMS Survey Software

Collect Feeback via Text Messages

Instant SMS Feedback
Boost response rates up to 22% by switching from email to SMS survey texts!
Smart Scheduling
Manage your SMS feedback survey schedule and match your audience’s time zone.
Rest API Timing
Automate your Facebook Messenger survey or send texts after preset interactions.
Event Triggers
Increase engagement and accuracy by asking for feedback while the experience is still fresh. Fine-tune your send schedule across the entire lifecycle with real-time data.
Feedback Paths
Interactive CX feedback puts the customer in control. Topic choices will lower your survey abandon rates because users can choose the most relevant path.
Supportive Reactions
Build a stronger relationship and show customers that you care. Dynamic conversations allow you to follow up with personalized content and share helpful resources.

Messaging, Your Way.

Three Modern Integration Options

Interactive Text Message

Instantly start a two-way dialogue; your user won’t even have to leave the app. Qwary makes it easy to send and survey messages with automated tools. Modern text surveys are faster and more accessible to boost engagement and buy-in.

Interactive Text Message

SMS Keyword Collector

Target and engage your audience without making the first move. Assign a keyword to your phone number to trigger an automated two-way text conversation. These keyword categories also make it easy to sort and analyze different data groups.

SMS keyword collector
Text link invitations

Text Link Invitations

SMS text invitations are more likely to be opened than email or other marketing channels. Skyrocket your response rates by sending a direct link to your customer satisfaction survey or employee engagement survey via text.

End-to-End Coverage

Build, deploy, and manage your SMS text survey without third-party subscriptions. Qwary simplifies the process with end-to-end survey design tools, phone number configuration, data collection, and in-depth analytics.

End-to-end coverage

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