Video Conversations

Video Surveys

Talk directly to your audience and make a personal connection. Qwary’s asynchronous video surveys look and feel more human, so you can collect more meaningful feedback.

Genuine Conversation - One Video at a Time

Record your questions and create interactive video surveys that feel like real conversations. Asynchronous video forms bring personality and heart to your brand, campus, or company. Users can watch the video question on any device, answer with a click or keystroke, and feel like they’re talking to a real person (…because they are!)

Customer Experience

Create un-skippable, engaging video surveys that put a face to the name. Video questions are even more accessible for all customers with automated subtitles.

Employee Experience

Take a personal approach with conversational video surveys that look more like in-person meetings. Video forms are also a great way to make onboarding introductions!

Market Research

Tell your brand’s story in person and explain innovative designs with ease. Then, deploy your video data collection directly with Qwary’s integrated audience panels.

Crafting more human surveys doesn’t have to be hard.
Upload and embed your videos, or record questions right in the browser
Videos are automatically transcoded to play on every device, including native iOS
Record and design your survey with user-friendly tools – no coding required
Build a survey flow with ‘if-then’ logic and intuitive question mapping
Deploy video forms to any device, anywhere, at the perfect moment.
Survey a large audience with clickable links and QR code survey invitations
Embed the video survey directly on your website – no coding required
Initiate video surveys by text with automated keyword replies and in-text links
Send one video question at a time for automated two-way messaging on chat and SMS
Turn insights into action with Qwary’s cutting-edge analysis tools
Automatically sort, tag, and track emotional keywords with sentimental analysis
Measure and build brand loyalty with real-time NPS scoring
Compare endless variables to reveal hidden trends and subtle behaviors
Analyze ratings to find out what’s driving your NPS score down

End-to-End Integration

Qwary connects with your entire ecosystem, so you can access and utilize all of your survey data in one place. Integrate with SalesForce, Hubspot, Zapier, Google, and more.

Interested in API and web hooks? We’ll send the video feedback data directly to you.

End-to-end integration

Get More Feedback, Face to Face.

Talk directly to your audience and make a personal connection.