Enhance Design Accuracy with Usability Testing

Empowering Design Decisions with
Real User Feedback

Enhance Design Accuracy with Usability Testing

Transforming Wireframe and Usability Testing, Delivering Direct Results

Seamless integration with design tools

Seamless Integration with Design Tools

Qwary's integration incorporates user feedback into design, leading to faster iterations and more user-centered designs, reducing time to market.

Efficient prototype testing

Efficient Prototype Testing

Survey tools enable efficient prototype testing, influencing design decisions and accelerating validation for user-centric designs.

Advanced user feedback collection

Advanced User Feedback Collection

Feedback widgets capture user opinions, guiding iterative design for resonating designs that effectively engage users.

Real-time insights

Real-Time Insights for Immediate Improvements

Real-time insights from session recordings and heatmaps prompt immediate action, ensuring continual user experience improvement.

Empowering Design Excellence with Qwary's Innovative Tools

Seamless Design Platform Integration
Integrating feedback into design tools like Figma, Adobe, Miro can be cumbersome. Simplify with seamless integrations.
Enhanced Prototype Testing for User-Centric Design
Gathering user feedback on prototypes is crucial yet often inefficient. Targeted surveys make prototype testing effective.
In-Depth User Feedback for Better Design Outcomes
Capturing detailed user feedback is essential for informed design decisions. Comprehensive feedback tools offer deep insights.
Instant Feedback for Agile Design Adjustments
Real-time insights are vital in the fast-paced world of design. Qwary provides instant feedback through session recordings.
Efficient Prioritization of Design Fixes
Identifying and prioritizing design fixes is key to effective usability testing. Integrate with project management tools like JIRA.
Design platform integrationPrototype TestingIn-depth user feedbackInstant feedback for agile design adjustmentsEfficient prioritization of design fixes

Empowering Key Design and Research Excellence with Qwary

Product Marketing Teams
Product Marketing Teams often grapple with measuring the impact of their marketing campaigns on user experience. Qwary provides insightful user feedback tools, enabling these teams to evaluate and refine their marketing strategies for optimal user engagement and brand positioning.
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Product marketing teams
Product Managers
Product Managers face the ongoing challenge of aligning products with user needs and expectations. Qwary's usability testing tools assist in gathering direct user feedback, guiding product development to ensure it resonates well with users, enhancing overall user satisfaction and product success.
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Product managers
User Researchers
User Researchers strive to understand deep user behaviors and preferences. Qwary's diverse survey tools and session recordings provide a comprehensive understanding of user interactions, enabling researchers to derive actionable insights for improved user experience.
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User researchers
Business Leadership
Leadership teams need a holistic view of product usability and user engagement. Qwary offers detailed user feedback and analytics, empowering leaders with the data needed to make strategic decisions that elevate the overall user experience and product alignment with market needs.
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Business leadership

Qwary's Impact
Enhancing UX/UI Insights

Users engaging with Qwary's targeted surveys provide 35% more detailed feedback on design aspects, leading to more informed design improvements.
Faster Usability Issue Identification
More Effective Prototype Testing
Uplift in User Engagement
Reduction in Feedback Integration Time

Success Stories with Qwary

We were looking to measure overall customer satisfaction and detailed insight into our customer journey, measure their satisfaction. Qwary helped us achieve just that and more with a unifying approach for all our experience data.

Floris van Lint

Solutions architect @toolit

We use Qwary to embed customer satisfaction surveys within emails to gather client feedback and monitor satisfaction constantly.

Jeff Galea

Managing Director, Room4 Media

Qwary helped us change how we interact and engage with our customers and reshape our content strategy.

Tim Mulholland

Director, PridePlus Health

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