Smarter Enterprise Surveys

Create a Survey Flow, Not Just Forms.

From the first hello to your closing screen, Qwary gives you total control to build a flawless, dynamic survey. The conversation is more than a survey strategy – it’s a human experience.

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Build with Ease

Build a survey with premade templates and Qwary’s live preview tools in seconds.

Answer with a Smile

Surveys are optimized for every device and breakpoint with clickless answer selections.

Mix & Match Survey Components

Flexible Feedback

Go deep and embrace the unexpected. Open-ended responses are the perfect way to understand your customer or colleague’s experience better. With Qwary’s cutting-edge text analytics, you can process and utilize more data without sticking to a script.

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Adaptive Interactions

Stronger Relationships

Smart surveys are less likely to be abandoned because they skip irrelevant questions and reduce survey fatigue. Easily map out a focused conversation by taking event variables, contact parameters, piping logic, and answer conditions into account.

Personalized interactions are the key to improving response rates and showing that you care. Build trust and increase engagement with interactive survey design that looks and feels more ‘human.’

Advance branching
Intuitive Design Studio

Faster Workflow

You compose the questions; Qwary catches their attention.

Are you looking for inspiration to create the perfect customer service survey, employee satisfaction survey, or market research survey? Create a script in seconds with 90+ market-ready templates, modern background tools, and a foolproof design interface.

Plus, your informal survey will look flawless on every device, no matter how you choose to deploy it!

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A Global Approach to Feedback for International Markets

Multilingual Surveys

Qwary connects the world with 100+ language options. Easily compose a survey in the language of your choice and take advantage of our dynamic translation tools to create copies in different languages with the click of a button. With Qwary, you can personalize survey links to start a conversation in the end user’s target language. Or, allow the participant to select their preferred language from a comprehensive list of options at the start of the questionnaire!

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Talk on Every Touchpoint

Unlock even more ways to capture feedback and start a conversation. Wherever, whenever, however.

Anonymous survey links
Candid and direct – Qwary makes it easy.
SMS text messaging
Achieve impressive response rates with a survey link.
QR code survey starters
Download, print, and scan for instant access.
Website survey forms
Collect insights from website visitors in real time.
Email survey invitations
Custom from start to finish – invitations, reminders, and thanks.
AI-driven voice surveys
The world’s first Alexa survey integration.

Explore our Examples

Visually Stunning and Exceptionally Simple

Employee satisfaction survey template
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Bring your contact form to life with a voice and tone that matches your personality.
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patient satisfaction survey
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Bring your contact form to life with a voice and tone that matches your personality.
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product pricing survey
Product Pricing Survey
Bring your contact form to life with a voice and tone that matches your personality.
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A Better way to ask to your audience
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