Bridge the Gap Between CRM Data and Customer Sentiments

Gain a holistic view of your customer's interaction with your brand, products, and services through qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Qwary Salesforce integration

Know Your Customer’s Preferences and Behavior

Empower your sales team with deeper customer insights to deliver exceptional, data-driven customer experiences.
Unify customer insights

Unify Customer Insights

Track your customer’s preferences and experiences from initial contact to post-purchase feedback. Let Qwary collect, analyze, and visualize qualitative and quantitative data, know their pain points preferences, and deliver personalized interaction.

Data-driven decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Moving beyond the gut feeling tactics, improve how your sales teams interact with customers and analyze CRM data. Build sure-shot strategies to reduce churn and prioritize leads based on real-time sentiment.

Automated feedback collection

Automated Feedback Collection

Trigger Qwary survey at key milestones in the customer lifecycle, including closed requests, lost opportunities, new sign-up, etc. Take immediate action to guide the actions of your sales team and improve customer engagement.

Take Action On Time: Improve Holistic Customer Experience

Fuel your sales activities and deepen customer relationships to generate leads, solve problems, and ensure seamless interactions through Qwary.

Trigger Targeted Surveys

Get valuable post-interaction feedback from customers by launching automated surveys at key milestones in the customer lifecycle. Trigger surveys at case close, lost opportunities, and case status updates.

Trigger targeted surveys
Gain actionable insights

Gain Actionable Insights

Seamlessly integrate Qwary response data into Salesforce CRM, enriching customer data with sentiment analysis and NPS scores. Use this data to analyze trends, pointing towards the key areas of development, and personalize strategies.

Automated Data Synchronization

Streamline data entry tasks with Salesforce Qwary integration as all the contacts you input in one solution is automatically transferred to the other, creating a single source of truth to get customer information. Automated data transfer ensures consistency and real-time visibility across platforms.

Automated data synchronization
Collaborative problem solving

Collaborative Problem Solving

Foster effective teamwork by sharing data between Salesforce and Qwary, leading to collaborative problem-solving and consistently optimizing customer-centric strategies. Let the support and sales team work together to prevent churn and improve customer loyalty.

Transform your Sales Process with Qwary-Salesforce Integration.