Prototype Testing

Alleviate uncertainties through prototype testing

Safeguard time and avoid future complications by validating usability across prototypes with real users before committing resources and embarking on development.

Alleviate uncertainties through prototype testing

Unleash Unwavering Confidence with Prototype Tests

Gather valuable insights, iterate quickly, and refine your prototypes based on real user feedback.
Enhanced design
Validate your designs before even starting the coding process and gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to ensure your designs are user-friendly and meet the needs of your target audience.
Agile and continuous
feedback loop
Prototype test enables you to iterate and refine your designs based on real-time user input helping you create more usable products and features that are more likely to resonate with your users.
Focus on building
usable solutions
Track new feature adoption with detailed user journey replays. Gain valuable insights into user behavior, understand interactions, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement and optimization.

Streamlined Prototype Testing Process

Accelerate your product decision-making with a streamlined prototype testing process that delivers rapid installation and actionable results.
Step 1

Streamlined Prototype Testing Process

Create prototype tests in minutes to swiftly gather valuable user insights and refine your designs with confidence.

Streamlined Prototype Testing Process
Effortlessly import your prototypes
Step 2

Effortlessly import your prototypes with just a few clicks.

Unlock the power of Qwary integrations with leading design tools, including Figma, Adobe XD, and InVision. Seamlessly embed your designs into your tests, effortlessly combining the strengths of these tools to enhance your testing process and drive actionable results.

Step 3

Efficient Participant Recruitment and Seamless Prototype Test Sharing within Your Product

Source and share participants for prototype tests within your product interface. Use various methods like in-product models, prompts, banners, links, or emails to gather feedback from your target audience.

Efficient Participant Recruitment and Seamless Prototype Test Sharing
User-Informed Prototype Optimization
Step 4

User-Informed Prototype Optimization: Maximize Insights, Drive Results

By maximizing insights and driving results through user-centric optimization, you can create prototypes that align with user needs, enhance the user experience, and outperform competitors, ultimately leading to successful product development and a satisfied user base.

Comprehensive Usability Testing Solutions: Everything Carefully Considered

Access a complete suite of usability testing tools, meticulously crafted to fulfill all your testing needs with meticulous attention to detail.
Effortless Browser
Based Testing
Effortlessly capture user insights on prototypes without requiring participants to download any plugins or extensions.
Prototype Import From
Design Tools
Seamlessly import prototypes from leading design tools such as Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, and Sketch for comprehensive testing.
Engage in open-ended questioning
Unleash honest feedback through open-ended responses and videos to inspire product decisions while eliminating assumptions and biases.

Discover the untapped possibilities and unleash the full potential of your product