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Enhanced user experience insighrs

Enhanced User Experience Insights

Qwary's replays & heatmaps pinpoint user issues, driving optimizations, enhancing UX, and boosting engagement for businesses.

Effective user feedback utilization

Effective User Feedback Utilization

Targeted surveys & feedback refine websites, aligning with user preferences for improved engagement and satisfaction.

Streamlined bug identification

Streamlined Bug Identification and Resolution

Qwary's tools and Jira integration streamline bug tracking, boosting product quality and enhancing user satisfaction efficiently.

Real-time analytics

Real-Time Analytics for Website Optimization

Real-time analytics offer instant insights, empowering businesses to optimize website performance and enhance user satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions for Superior Website and Product Optimization with Qwary

Targeted User Feedback
Qwary's tailored surveys capture precise insights, guiding targeted improvements for websites and in-app experiences, essential for optimization and user satisfaction.
Intuitive Session Replay Analysis
Qwary's session replays provide direct insights into user interactions, enhancing website usability beyond basic analytics for improved user experience.
Heatmap Insights for Engagement
Qwary's heatmaps reveal user hotspots, guiding enhancements to boost engagement and satisfaction, unraveling the elusive nature of user activity.
Comprehensive Project Management Tool Integration
Qwary's integration with tools like JIRA streamlines issue tracking, ensuring efficient resolution for maintaining product integrity and user satisfaction.
Conversion Funnel Analysis
Qwary's new conversion funnel feature tracks page engagement, drop rates, and conducts session reviews, providing invaluable insights for optimizing conversion rates.
Targeted user feedbackIntuitive session replay analysisHeatmap insights for engagementProject management tool integrationConversion funnel analysis

Empowering Key Roles in
Website and Product Optimization

Product Managers
Product Managers are tasked with aligning product features with user needs. Qwary aids this by offering detailed user feedback, guiding product refinement to improve user experience and website functionality.
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Product Managers
User Researchers
User Researchers focus on gathering data to understand user behavior. Qwary's tools, including heatmaps and session recordings, provide comprehensive insights into user interactions, aiding in effective website and product optimization.
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User Researchers
Product Marketing Teams
Product Marketing Teams often face challenges in evaluating the effectiveness of their campaigns on user engagement. Qwary's in-depth analytics provide these teams with valuable insights into how their efforts impact user interaction and website optimization.
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Product Marketing Teams
Marketing Teams
Marketing Teams need to assess how their strategies affect user engagement. Qwary's feedback collection and analysis tools enable them to optimize their marketing efforts for better website user experience.
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Marketing Teams
Business Leadership Team
Business Leadership Teams require strategic insights into product and website performance. Qwary offers high-level analytics and user feedback insights, essential for making informed decisions in website and product optimization.
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Business Leadership Team

Qwary's Impact
Enhancing Website and Product Optimization

Websites using Qwary’s heatmaps and session replays see a 45% uplift in user interaction, indicating more engaging and effective site design.
More Insightful Feedback
Reduction in Bounce Rates
Faster Time-to-Market
Higher Conversion Rates

Success Stories with Qwary

We were looking to measure overall customer satisfaction and detailed insight into our customer journey, measure their satisfaction. Qwary helped us achieve just that and more with a unifying approach for all our experience data.

Floris van Lint

Solutions architect @toolit

We use Qwary to embed customer satisfaction surveys within emails to gather client feedback and monitor satisfaction constantly.

Jeff Galea

Managing Director, Room4 Media

Qwary helped us change how we interact and engage with our customers and reshape our content strategy.

Tim Mulholland

Director, PridePlus Health

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