In-Product Surveys

Empowering Action through Meaningful Feedback

Harness the insights behind user actions to drive adoption, eliminate friction, and make informed product decisions that have a lasting impact.

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Unlock Insights with User Feedback

Transform customer insights into data-driven decisions for maximizing business performance.

Enhanced User

Obtain real-time insights by collecting valuable feedback directly within your product. Identify user pain points and challenges during their interaction to inform decision-making and customization efforts. Tailor surveys to specific user segments for targeted insights and a deeper understanding of user preferences and behaviors.


Make data-driven choices, prioritize features, optimize the user experience, and enhance satisfaction through insights gained from user surveys. Validate ideas, iterate, and continuously improve based on valuable user feedback for aligned expectations and continuous enhancement.

Streamlined Collaboration and Efficiency

Promote teamwork through seamless sharing and analysis of user feedback within your product team, enhancing collaboration and alignment. Save time and effort with in-product survey implementation, eliminating external tools. Qwary's integrated solution ensures a smooth user experience, seamlessly fitting surveys into the interaction flow.

Quickly Begin, Swiftly Understand

Enhance your ability to seamlessly launch your product and quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your offering based on real-time user feedback.

Step 1

Seamlessly install Qwary into your app

Embed Qwary into your web or mobile product seamlessly with a simple one-time installation via JavaScript, Google Tag Manager, and more.

Step 2

Effortlessly create and launch surveys in Qwary

With Qwary, creating surveys is a seamless and hassle-free process, allowing you to gather valuable insights from your users quickly.

Step 3

Leverage your product data to target users and timing

Utilize your product data to deliver surveys to specific users at the right moment. Qwary enables you to gather precise insights by targeting the correct audience based on characteristics, actions, or preferences.

Step 4

Real-Time Insights, Agile Decisions

Watch real-time results pour in. Gain immediate visibility into user feedback, empowering agile decision-making, strategy optimization, and user-centric outcomes. Stay connected to evolving user needs by monitoring and analyzing results as they unfold.

Voted top 10 Experience Management Platform

Natapol S.
Chief Operating Officer
Qwary has a complete set of survey design tools, integrations and analytics.
Red R.
Founder & Chief Marketer
The ready made templates allows the user to start almost immediately. Most of the stuff is well thought out.
Brittney P.
Founder & Entrepreneur
Qwary is a great tool for creating surveys and collecting feedback.
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