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Closed feedback loop software

Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Qwary’s Closed Feedback Loop

Proactively engage and retain customers

Proactively Engage and Retain Customers

Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop swiftly addresses negative feedback, lowering customer churn rates by proactively engaging and resolving customer concerns, preventing lost business.

Base strategies on concrete feedback

Base Your Strategies on Concrete Feedback

Utilize real feedback to inform decisions with Qwary's system. Gain actionable insights from customer responses, tailoring strategies based on actual needs and experiences, moving beyond assumptions in customer service.

Enhance user experience

Enhance User Experience Through Direct Feedback

Resolve UX issues effectively with Qwary's feedback loop. Direct user feedback pinpoints areas needing improvement, enhancing the user experience through targeted refinements in your product or service.

Innovative Features of Qwary’s Closed Feedback Loop

Seamless Ticketing System Integration
Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop integrates effortlessly with major ticketing systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Freshdesk. This feature ensures that customer feedback is directly channeled into actionable tickets, streamlining the resolution process and enhancing customer support efficiency.
Robust Case Management from Qwary
Our native case management system enables teams to create, manage, and follow up on service tickets within Qwary. This built-in functionality offers a comprehensive view of customer issues and feedback, facilitating efficient resolution and improved customer relations.
Facilitate Cross-Team Learning and Improvement
Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop fosters organizational learning by integrating with CRM systems like HubSpot or Salesforce. It shares customer feedback across departments, turning individual inputs into valuable insights for continuous improvement and alignment with customer needs.
Seamless ticketing integrationRobust case management Cross-team learning and improvement

Improve Customer Experience Throughout Your Organization

Customer Experience Teams
Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by using closed feedback loops to address concerns and turn negative experiences into positive outcomes.
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Customer experience teams
Support Teams
Utilize the closed feedback loop for efficient resolution of support tickets, leading to improved customer support and satisfaction.
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Support teams
Product Managers
Leverage customer feedback for informed product development, ensuring features and updates align closely with customer needs and preferences.
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Product managers
User Researchers
Gain deep insights into customer experiences and expectations, enabling user researchers to refine products and services for better market fit.
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User researchers
Product Marketing Teams
Use customer feedback to inform marketing strategies, ensuring messaging and positioning resonate well with the target audience.
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Product marketing teams

Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop Transformative Impact Data

Using Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop, companies have reported a 40% increase in the rate at which customer issues are resolved, leading to higher satisfaction levels.
Improvement in Customer Retention
Reduction in Support Ticket Resolution Time

Success Stories with Qwary

We were looking to measure overall customer satisfaction and detailed insight into our customer journey, measure their satisfaction. Qwary helped us achieve just that and more with a unifying approach for all our experience data.

Floris van Lint

Solutions architect @toolit

We use Qwary to embed customer satisfaction surveys within emails to gather client feedback and monitor satisfaction constantly.

Jeff Galea

Managing Director, Room4 Media

Qwary helped us change how we interact and engage with our customers and reshape our content strategy.

Tim Mulholland

Director, PridePlus Health

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Your Questions Answered: Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop FAQs

How does the integration with CRM and ticketing systems like Salesforce enhance the feedback loop?

At Qwary, we natively integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce to enhance the feedback loop through bi-directional communication. You can automatically trigger surveys when an object changes in Salesforce, and the collected feedback is passed back to Salesforce in real-time. This integration ensures continuous, dynamic feedback management, providing up-to-date and actionable customer insights.

We also natively integrate with ticketing systems like Zendesk. You can trigger surveys when a ticket updates in Zendesk, and the feedback collected is seamlessly passed back in real-time. This capability allows efficient management and response to feedback, ensuring that insights are continuously incorporated into your customer service strategy.

How does Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop work?

Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop works by creating a ticket whenever a negative response is received. This allows your team to promptly address and resolve the issue, ensuring that the user feels heard and valued. By directly communicating with the user to resolve their concerns, you can turn a negative experience into a positive one, ultimately converting the user into a promoter. This proactive approach helps maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Can the Closed Feedback Loop identify recurring customer issues?

Yes, Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop can identify recurring customer issues. By tracking and analyzing the tickets generated from negative responses, you can spot patterns and common problems that multiple users are experiencing. This insight allows you to address the root causes of these issues systematically, improving your product or service and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

How does the Closed Feedback Loop contribute to reducing customer churn?

Qwary's Closed Feedback Loop contributes to reducing customer churn by enabling timely resolution of customer issues. When a negative response is received, a ticket is created, allowing your team to address the problem quickly and directly communicate with the user. By resolving issues promptly and effectively, you can turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied promoters, increasing their loyalty and reducing the likelihood of them leaving. This proactive approach helps maintain a positive customer experience and lowers churn rates.

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