Session Recording Software

Witness the User's Perspective

Session Recordings capture real-time user encounters, including website exploration, navigation, scrolling, retracing steps, and expressing frustrations through rapid clicking.

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Unleashing the Power of User Moments

Harness the power of Qwary to capture and analyze the most valuable moments in your users' journey.

Uncover the complete
user journey

From the moment users enter until they exit, you can accurately trace and visualize their entire experience based on their unique characteristics and the specific actions they perform within your product.

Observe users in their natural habitat

Have you recently implemented a change? Replay session recordings to ensure it is functioning as intended.

Identify issue, pain
point and bugs

Narrow down your focus to sessions with errors, instances of rage-clicking, or abrupt reversals, enabling you to troubleshoot and resolve problems swiftly.

Capture and utilize focused session recordings immediately

 Harness Real-Time Insights. Capture and instantly utilize focused session recordings to gain deep understanding of user behavior.

Step 1

Install Qwary into your app

Choose a suitable integration method such as Segment, Google Tag Manager, or any other compatible option.

Follow the provided instructions to install Qwary into your web or mobile application.

Ensure the installation is completed successfully.

Step 2

Enable session recording
with advanced targeting

Ensure the installation is completed successfully.

Custom criteria: Set session recording criteria based on user attributes.

Flexible duration: Determine the duration of each session recording session to capture comprehensive insights

Step 3

Uncover a comprehensive understanding of user behavior

Identify and address issues swiftly

Monitor user interactions, preferences, and pain points

Proactively optimize offerings based on user experience

Deliver a seamless and engaging user experience

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Discover the compelling benefits of using Session Recordings

Unlock the compelling benefits that come with capturing and analyzing user interactions. Gain deep insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points.

Enhanced Filtering

Seamlessly sort session recording clips based on specific time frames and user characteristics, empowering you to analyze the evolution of product interactions over time and among various user groups.

Built with
privacy in mind

Qwary prioritizes privacy and ensures that both you and your website visitors are protected.

Benefit from privacy features that uphold data security and compliance.

Identification of errors, rage clicks, and U-turns

Qwary's session recording feature helps you identify instances of errors, rage clicks, and u-turns during user sessions.

By spotting these issues, you can quickly address them and improve the user experience.

Share, comment, and export functionalities

Share your replays easily by generating public links.

Collaborate with your team by leaving comments and tagging teammates for specific replays.

Export replays to platforms like Slack for seamless integration and sharing.

Extended storage

Qwary offers a generous storage duration of 365 days for your recorded replays.

This allows you to compare and analyze user behavior over a significant period of time.

Comparative analysis of traffic sources

Filter your replays by referrer URL to compare the behavior of visitors from different sources.

Determine if visitors from paid ads exhibit different behaviors compared to direct traffic.

Voted top 10 Experience Management Platform

Natapol S.
Chief Operating Officer
Qwary has a complete set of survey design tools, integrations and analytics.
Red R.
Founder & Chief Marketer
The ready made templates allows the user to start almost immediately. Most of the stuff is well thought out.
Brittney P.
Founder & Entrepreneur
Qwary is a great tool for creating surveys and collecting feedback.
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