Voice Survey Powered by AI

Give Customer Service a Voice

Qwary’s voice survey tool is an incredible new way to collect data that feels (and sounds!) more human. Don’t just mimic a conversation – initiate one and let your audience speak.

Real-Time Interaction

Qwary’s hands-free customer voice survey makes it easy to gather more accurate feedback immediately after the transaction. Or, target a specific location at the exact moment your audience is ready to share.

Pop-Up Interviews

Capture a new level of emotion, detail, and context with open-ended, voice-based campaigns. Modernize your in-depth interviews and eliminate the expense of traditional focus groups.

The Power of Open-Ended Automation

AI-driven voice surveys provide a new level of detail and insight. Use Qwary’s text analytic tools to instantly make sense of the data. Sentimental text analysis gives you the power to zero in on the negatives and celebrate the positives.

Find out what’s working and prioritize costly gaps for improvement – all with a modern conversation. Offer your customer satisfaction survey in a fresh, new way. When people are invited to talk, they will.

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Employee Engagement
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Need Insight? Just Ask.

Compose your survey, download the Qwary Alexa skill, and start collecting data in minutes – no coding required. Qwary does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on customer service, not setup.

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