Manage Employee Engagement

Build a Cohesive Culture

Better business starts with happier, more productive people. Take a closer look at your organization to attract, promote, and retain top talent.

Data: HR’s Best Ally

Open lines of communication and let your employee’s voices be heard. Qwary makes it easy to deploy surveys on every channel over the entire lifecycle:

Open-ended voice surveys during recruiting
Employee surveys via text during onboarding
Conversational exit surveys via email
and everything in between

Increase Engagement

Create un-skippable, engaging video surveys that put a face to the name. Video questions are even more accessible for all customers with automated subtitles.

Fine-Tune Your Perspective

Take a personal approach with conversational video surveys that look more like in-person meetings. Video forms are also a great way to make onboarding introductions!

Identify Top Priorities

Invest in changes that do the most good and increase employee engagement. Qwary’s advanced analytics will strengthen your organization by identifying the most valuable areas for improvement.

People First, Process Second.

Multi-Rater Assessment

Empower development and growth with integrated 360 or 180 surveys.

Customize assessments and set parameters to choose raters
Facilitate conversations with easy-to-read, constructive data
Translate clear objectives and goals with individualized reports
Monitor specific workstreams, systems, teams, and projects

Pulse Surveys

Stay close and connected with HR surveys
that get more responses.

Act quickly to resolve tiny shifts in employee engagement
Measure the impact of HR initiatives and new programs

Employee Engagement Software for Every Moment


Attract top talent and promote your company culture as an impressive asset.

Simplify resume submission and recruitment
Gauge interest and expectations with pre-hire
Gather feedback about pre-hire events and engagement


The first six months are crucial to settle in, discover strengths, and ramp up.

Use event triggering to automate surveys at key moments
Improve buy-in and increase familiarity with your workplace vision
Identify weaknesses in the onboarding process with real-time alerts


Modernize your annual or biannual HR surveys with a conversational approach.

Identify and act on key drivers to reduce
Evaluate employee productivity against trends pver time
Help leaders drive change with quantitative and qualitative data


Finish the lifecycle with an honest conversation about key drivers

Unlock insights about why employees choose to
Predict attrition with automated alerts for at-risk employees
Keep your best people engaged and motivated

Measure EX Performance

Balance right-now feedback with long-term satisfaction. Qwary’s survey templates make it easy to capture and analyze transactional/relational NPS and CSAT. CES scores do more than just predict retention, they also identify the friction points that matter most.

Empower Teams & Exceed Expectations
Qwary is built for employee engagement.
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