Key Driver

Unlock Insights and Maximize Your ROI

Identify Your Strongest Influence

Take a deeper look; there really is a difference between positive and profitable. Qwary does all of the heavy lifting for you with advanced analytics that turns conversational survey feedback into actionable insights. Determine what products, entities, attributes, and service components have the strongest positive influence on your customers and directly relate to increased sales.

Action = Impact

Qwary’s key driver tool uses statistical analysis to help you understand what’s driving your company forward.



What leads customers to keep coming back, renew their subscriptions, and promote your company on social media? Discover what’s most important (price, features, or usability) and market with confidence to achieve better results.



Exceed your business goals and scale up in record time. With Qwary’s key driver analysis, you can predict what features have the biggest impact on specific outcomes. Looking to improve in a specific area? Use survey data to isolate influence.



Combine binary data with continuous variables and conversational survey text for comprehensive understanding. Use Qwary tools to identify the perfect combination of variables. Then, recreate the trend in order to achieve the most positive outcomes.

Drive the Outcome

Understanding Every Performance Element


Promote and push your business strengths with data-driven marketing plans.


Use participant responses to identify the most valuable areas for improvement.

Intuitive Reports

Less Time Wasted, More Ground Covered.

Effortlessly customize reports to match your branding and export analytics in seconds. Use advanced filters and visual insights for key driver analysis results that you can understand with a single glance.

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