20+ Funny survey memes of all time

Manoj Rana
November 30, 2023
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20+ Funny survey memes of all time
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Surveys can be fun. They give consumers a chance to offer feedback that helps companies improve customer service and enhance products. Customers can share similar sentiments about the company and its mission. Businesses can use surveys as an opportunity to learn and grow from their customers.

In short, it's all about keeping the customers happy, right? But surveys can be tiring, and sometimes it's good to take a break from doing them. So if you're weary of filling them out, it's time for a vacation. So kick your heels, relax, and browse our list of 20+ funny survey memes.

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1. A survey about surveys?Doing a survey about surveys?

How much can you really love your job? Experience matters because that's what makes a good survey taker a good survey taker!

Surveception Survey meme from Inception Movie

2. If you don't take our survey, we're coming after you

Hold it right there! Did you finish that survey? Because if you didn't, we're coming after you! That's right, its the Survey Police. Seriously, though, we'll just annoy you with more emails and texts until you get it done.

Survey meme from Taken Movie Famous Dialogue

3. When you have some free time, take the survey

Here it is: you finally get some time to breathe, then wham! You're asked to take a survey. Yes, marketing research is fun, and being asked for your opinion is a compliment. It shows that someone else values your input. But taking a survey on your downtime is not what you'd planned.

Funny way to ask them to fill out survey

4. Everyone likes remote work, right?

You'd think that the top reason to give a survey would be to improve customer service, right? It seems like it should be a good one, anyway. But with the rise in remote work, there follows a strong desire to shift away from a busy office. And taking surveys can do just that. For some, it's a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of a 9 to 5 job. It's a chance to work comfortably from your own home in your pajamas. And that's good enough reason to take a survey anyway.

Ghost asking to fill out survey

5. You didn't complete the customer satisfaction survey?

Wait a minute. You mean to tell us you didn't complete the customer satisfaction survey? What's the holdup? Come on! We want to hear your opinion, so tell us how we're doing!The baby's face says it all. It's time to submit your survey responses, and right away. But for some, it's a matter of having more time to do a survey, right? Every question takes some thought, so taking your time is essential. But please, don't upset the baby. Just get it done.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Meme

6. When you beg for people to take your survey

Ah, that sad puppy face! It works nearly every time, doesn't it? And who doesn't love puppies? Whoever crafted this one knows how to touch our hearts. And if that's not enough to elicit a response, what is?

Dog asking to take survey

7. Under 10 minutes

The possibility of taking a short survey is more enticing because you don't have to think through the questions. This is true if a questionnaire has multiple choice questions because all you have to do is choose the best response. It gets even better with yes or no questions. What a breeze!

Kid suggesting short survey

8. You're invited to take a survey

Heads up: This one's by invitation only. And we hope you'll say yes, because your answer is valuable to our business. If a company invites you to take a survey, they mean business. This tactic works well with people who feel great about being included.

Ghost asking to take online survey

9. No call no show

We all know that feeling of waiting for someone to follow through on their promise to take our survey. But there's nothing more disappointing than never getting an answer. How are you supposed to know how you're doing if you're not getting any feedback? Most importantly, what should you do? Maybe you should offer an incentive to your customers.

Steve Harvey with Serious Face


10. Too many to ask?

We know just how you feel. You're anxious to know as much as possible about what your customers think of your business. But let's be fair; a survey need not be an interrogation. Make your questions thoughtful without going too deep. Your goal is to collect data without the detail.

Seth Myers asking Question

11. Hurry up and wait

"Survey says" is a popular catchphrase that comes in handy when you're awaiting customer feedback. What does it say? Is it good news or bad news? As Tom Petty once said, the waiting is the hardest part.

Steve Harvey asking Survey Says


12. More surveys, please!

What do you do when you need more answers? It's easy. You send out more surveys to your customers. There's no better way to reach a broader audience than to send them to several people. So you get a survey, and you also get a survey.

Survey Celebration

13. Because your opinion matters

How can you get quality feedback from customers? Tell them that their opinion matters. You might think these are just words, but your respondents could feel otherwise. Nothing offers better incentive to customers than hearing that their input is valued.

Morpheus requesting to share feedback

14. Now you've heard our pleas, so take the survey!

There's no greater survey meme than one with a crying kitten begging you to give your feedback. The company can't grow without your input, so please let us hear your thoughts. And if that's what it takes, we'll even use multiple choice rather than open-ended survey questions.

Cat cutely asking to fill out the survey

15. Did you fill out that survey?

No matter how edgy a customer feels about filling out a survey, companies still need the feedback. They have a right to know if you've filled out the survey or not. So help us help you by taking that survey.

Asking to fill out survey in style

16. Constructive feedback

Dealing with customer complaints is rough; however, there is a bright side. You can see their feedback as a growth opportunity rather than a setback. Constructive feedback is good for revealing the truth, and it's also a learning experience.

Sponge for Constructive Feedback

17. Triumphant

Customers feel that sense of victory when they finish that questionnaire. It's more than just relief because you know your answers will be put to good use. But companies benefit too. They can bask in the glory that they are moving in the right direction with your feedback.

Cat feeling good for the survey

18. Are we finished yet?

The answers to some open-ended questions are hilarious. Take, for example, the answer to a question about recycling:"When someone asks me to recycle, I burn three tires and empty a can of Aqua Net into the atmosphere."

Another good one is the person who just wanted to let you know that they won't be taking your survey.

Those aren't the responses you were hoping for, but you have to admit, they are pretty funny.

Guy asking question

19. Employee survey

Some of us give ourselves a little too much credit at times. But there's also toxic positivity, which is just as harmful as toxic negativity. It's time to remove the rose colored glasses and face reality. We're not that great, so be honest in your assessment of yourself when you take the employee survey.

Obama awarding himself in meme

20. Drum rolls

There comes a moment when you wait for the answers to your survey. You're a bit antsy because you've been anticipating several good responses but haven't seen any yes. You are not sure when you'll get your feedback, but you know it's something to look forward to.

Barnie Thanking for Taking The survey

In summary

Everyone shares similar feelings when it comes to surveys because the process takes so long. Each question requires thought, and some surveys take longer than others. Filling out a questionnaire is tiring, so it's important to get a break from it. We hope you were able to take a rest and check out our funny surveys memes for some laughs.One good survey meme idea is to have an image of a lady peeking over her glasses and rolling her eyes.

The caption should read: Another survey? Really? An image cam show her looking bored at having to take another survey.

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