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How a QR Code Survey Can Help with Your Hospitality or Restaurant Business

Manoj Rana
January 19, 2021
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How a QR Code Survey Can Help with Your Hospitality or Restaurant Business
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Get the feedback that you need to improve the customer experience.

If you’re in the hospitality or restaurant industries, you know how challenging the past few months have been in ensuring that you met safety protocols in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One of the things that could be highly beneficial for your business is to know how well you’ve done in delivering customer service. A QR Code survey does the work for you. It provides a hygienic and effective way of collecting feedback immediately from your guests and patrons.

To help you see the value in the service provided, we’ve highlighted some of the many benefits of issuing a QR Code survey. The global pandemic may have changed the way that you do certain things. One area of your business that isn’t different is how you prioritize customer service. Without your customers, you can’t be successful!

Why Surveys are Among the Most Important Tools You Have Access to Professionally

Gathering information from your customers has its advantages. It allows you to pinpoint precisely what you’re doing right as a business. It also helps you better understand areas of improvement needing your attention. Spectacular employees get the recognition that they deserve, too, because their names are fresh in the minds of guests and patrons thanks to the immediacy of a QR Code survey.

Affordable, convenient, and accessible, a tool like it offers favorable results. You’re able to view things from the perspective of the customer. You can act on their suggestions by making things better for them in the areas of your business that need improvement. During times of uncertainty and change, it pays to have such valuable information at your disposal during the pandemic.

Having your employees get into the habit of asking guests and patrons to take the survey is highly beneficial. As they’re ringing them out, your staff can point to the QR Code survey placard for reference. You can even offer an incentive for filling out the survey. A discount code that customers can use at a later date is always enticing.

Customers love giving feedback when they know you’ll hear them. Make it possible for you to thank them for their time and response. It can be as simple as sending them an email stating how happy you are for their business and welcoming them back to see you again. It can also address the issue of concern by giving them a straightforward solution that you plan to implement, thanks to the information they provided to you.

How Qwary Can Make Data Collection Contactless and Efficient

Qwary makes it possible for you to request feedback quickly and conveniently from your customers before they leave your hospitality or restaurant business. Through the inclusion of QR Code surveys, you’re able to get a timely response from the people you’ve served before they forget the details of their experience. Placing a placard at the front desk or hostess stand that they can scan with their smartphones is ideal. During the COVID-19, it’s a far more convenient option than handing them a paper survey to fill out.