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How to Create an Effective SMS Survey

Manoj Rana
January 19, 2021
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How to Create an Effective SMS Survey
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Get the information that you need to improve the customer experience quickly.

An SMS survey is among the easiest tools to implement and deliver. It takes very little time to create and provide instantaneous feedback from the customer that responds to it. The information contained within the survey can significantly improve your interactions with the people that use your business and provide them with the ultimate customer experience. Acting on the feedback given to you by your customers allows you to improve the areas of the business that are lacking.

Why You Want to Use SMS Surveys Today

This short guide helps you understand the effectiveness of SMS surveys. It’s one of the easiest ways to get direct feedback from the customer and to improve your interactions with them. It’s also a cost-effective solution that provides you with favorable results. Where else are you going to get honest opinions about how well your business served its customers?

Here are some things you can do to create an effective SMS survey:

Introduce your brand. You want to clearly identify who you are and why you’re reaching out to the customer via text. People want to know how you have their phone numbers and why you’re reaching out to them.

Keep it short and sweet. Keep in mind that most people are limited in the amount of free time they have to reply to a survey, so get straight to the point. You’ll have more customers respond if you keep the interaction short.

Take time to follow-up. If you don’t hear back from a customer, you can ask that they take a look at the survey at their earliest convenience. Don’t give up on them unless they choose to opt-out.

Test different times of the day to see which is best for sending texts. You’re able to pinpoint the ideal response time that way. You may find there is a sweet spot for your customers to respond to.

Make sure that you have permission to text the customer. Ask them to reply with the letter Y for Yes before committing to the survey. It protects you against legal action.

Take time to create a clear call to action so that you’re able to get the response that you desire. Most customers appreciate clear directions on what to do and when. Make your call to action strong and understandable for the best results.

If you’re offering an incentive for filling out the survey, you’ll want to explain how you’ll deliver the discount code or offer. It’s also important to give an exact timeframe for delivery too. That way, people know what they need to do to cash in on your offering. It’s great for sales to have repeat business from loyal customers.

How Qwary Can Help Your Business Create a Worthwhile SMS Survey

Qwary can help you create a worthwhile SMS survey right away. That way, you’re able to get the information that you need on time. Knowing how to serve your customers well can be challenging. Why not go directly to the source and ask them via text how to improve their experience?