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Maximizing the Value of NPS in the Era of Digital Commerce

Manoj Rana
May 20, 2023
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Maximizing the Value of NPS in the Era of Digital Commerce
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Maximizing the Value of NPS in the Era of Digital Commerce

The definition of NPS can be detracted from a single question:

·  On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our brand?

In other words, this measures customer satisfaction,loyalty, and even their progression on the customer lifecycle. After all, not everyone is willing to recommend you after your first successful purchase. To become a brand ambassador, one must have several successful interactions with your brand.

Why is this important in the age of e-commerce?

Well, in traditional email, a customer might as well shop when they’re at your store. On e-commerce, it takes a couple of clicks to switch to a competitor’s site. Also, with social media, every customer has a disproportionate amount of public attention(compared to traditional retail buyers).

With all of this in mind, it seems like NPS scores are more important than ever before. Here are a few suggestions to help you maximize their value.

1.  Actively work on CX

The first step you need to take is to improve your user experience. This process can be successfully completed in just a few simple steps.

There are only two scenarios in which someone would recommend your business:

●     If someone asks if they know someone in your industry and they have apositive previous experience.

●     If they’re exceptionally pleased with the service.

The first is easy to achieve, but it’s quite unreliable. It requires a customer unaware of your brand to stumble upon your previous client and ask them a direct question that goes in your favor. In other words, these are exceptional conditions under which they would probably discover you even on their own.

While in the former scenario, a satisfactory service would do, you would have to do an exceptional job for a customer to bring you up in a conversation on their own. To provide this level of service, you would have to identify customer needs. The only way to do this is to create a customer profile and understand where they are on the customer journey.

2.  Make an exceptionally responsive online presence

 People hate the idea of having to wait for anything. So, if your site is slow and non-responsive, they might just go elsewhere. In other words, they won’t even do business with you, let alone recommend you.

Now, imagine a scenario in which they interact with you a couple of times, and they notice that while your site is well-optimized for desktop, it lags on mobile devices. If they say this to their friend or a coworker, will they do business with you? Probably not.

The problem with our last example is that it doesn’t directly tie into the NPS. After all, this is just about whether they’ll recommend you. Still, your bottom line might suffer, and you will fail to maximize this NPS value.

The easiest way to handle this is to find the best Webflow design agency and assign them this task. DIY design will never achieve the same effect, and while it will seem more frugal in the short run,it will hurt your bottom line.

3.  Create a faster customer support

No customer expects there to be no problems whatsoever. They will not abandon you after the first problem pops up.However, they expect you to jump on the problem as soon as it spawns. The sooner your customer support responds, the better.

In a way, this can result in a better netpositive than if there was no problem to start with. If a problem was minor,you’ve just used an opportunity to show them the competence and engagement of your team. So, they can rest assured that if a similar problem happens in the future, you’ll be able to resolve them just as quickly and efficiently.

Implementing a sophisticated chatbot is the best way to speed up your customer support. The thing is that with modern chatbots, your customers will have a hard time passing the Turing test.

More importantly, you need to hire the right people for the job. Also, your customer support technicians must have an open line and active communication with the rest of your team. This is the only way for them to resolve every problem effectively.

4.  Enhance your product quality

This has more to do with your USP than anything else. The key is to provide your buyers with great value for their money. If you have an inferior product, you want to make it cheaper. You want to add extra features if you price it the same as your competitors.

To explain why this is effective, you may want to examine why people share online. Many people do it for social currency. If they share something useful or something that provides value, they’ll feel like they’re gaining social currency.

Like most other things in human nature,their act of sharing news about your product is self-serving. The best you can do is present your product as share-worthy. You can do this by crafting a great USP.

5.  Create an incentive

By starting a referral program, you’ll actively incentivize customers to promote your business. Most companies do this by creating a point system or a direct monetary reward. However, you should only pay this reward once the new customer purchases to stop the potential abuse of the program.

There are a few ways to enhance the effectiveness of this. For instance, you could make the referral program much easier to use. You also want to leverage social proof. While monetary incentive is great, people still put their reputation on the line. Remember what we talked about social currency? It applies here, as well.

Wrap up

As we’ve already mentioned, you need to put yourself in a customer’s shoes;they care about what they can do for you, not the other way around. This is basic human nature. So, you need to make your landing page shareable, your USP great, and even offer an incentive for sharing. On top of this, you should improve your customer experience and support as much as possible.