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Ron DeSantis Education Agenda Survey Case Study

Manoj Rana
September 11, 2023
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Ron DeSantis Education Agenda Survey Case Study
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In June 2022, Gov. Ron DeSantis launched a questionnaire centered around his education agenda. The purpose of this questionnaire was to identify how well candidates for the local school board aligned with the governor's educational priorities. Qwary was responsible for administering this study and analyzing the results to better understand how Florida residents feel about the state's education system.

Purpose of Questionnaire

The questionnaire that the DeSantis campaign sent out in 2022 was provided to school board candidates for the purpose of determining which candidates agreed with the policies espoused by DeSantis. In the questionnaire, candidates were given the opportunity to sign a basic certificate that pledges their overall support for the governor's education agenda.

While the questionnaire wasn't initially meant to be filled out and submitted by people who aren't candidates for the school board, the campaign encouraged parents to assess if their own views line up with the education priorities that DeSantis maintains. Any resident in Florida is able to fill out the questionnaire and gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the policies the DeSantis campaign has put forward.

Because of the increased importance that the DeSantis campaign has placed on school board races, this study has been used by the campaign to identify local candidates that the governor can endorse.

Data Gained from Education Agenda Survey

The key highlights from the education agenda survey include:

  • Measured governor efforts in teacher compensations, the effects of school lockouts on studies, and the Florida education system
  • Video interviews with Florida state residents and school board candidates to share their opinions on school district performance, protecting parental rights, ability to choose education, and support for the the Governor's Aaron Feis Guardian Program
  • The DeSantis campaign's commitment to school choice initiatives
  • Curriculum transparency

Types of Questions

Most questions placed in this education study reflected the policy positions that the DeSantis campaign holds. Some of these positions have already been turned into legislation that has received attention from the national media.

An example of a question in this study is "Does CRT belong in K-12 education classrooms in Florida?".

While many of the questions within this study ask for "Yes" and "No" answers, others ask for more detailed answers via text or video. One example of a more in-depth question is:

"How will you ensure your school district is closing student achievement gaps and meeting progress monitoring goals to guarantee students are reaching their highest potential?"

Respondents were then given the opportunity to respond with a text answer or by video. The video interviews that were accepted in this study could be uploaded by the respondent or recorded directly in the respondent's web browser. This option allowed prospective board members to answer more complex questions with detailed answers that told the DeSantis campaign if they agreed on important matters of education.

An example of a more straightforward question involves asking respondents if students should be effectively subjected to forced masking or locked out of their school, which is an important element of the governor's campaign.

This campaign survey also included numerous questions centered around "Parental Rights".

An example of these questions is:

"Should parents have the right to choose the best education options for their child regardless of their income or zip code?"

School board members were also asked if they supported some of the school safety measures that DeSantis has implemented during his tenure as governor. For example, one question focuses on the Aaron Feis Guardian Program, which is designed to arm trained school personnel who could respond if a shooting occurs.

Every section in this study included at least two in-depth questions that allowed for video and text responses. Potential board members were given the opportunity to answer questions about charter schools, curriculum transparency, and school choice initiatives. At different intervals of the study, questions were asked about the efforts from the DeSantis campaign to fund the education workforce as well as technical and career education programs.

How Qwary Helped

At Qwary, we converted all this qualitative and quantitative feedback into powerful insights like sentimental AI to help the governor's team better understand the sentiments that state residents have on education and many subtopics pertaining to Florida's education system.

The data that was gathered from this survey has allowed the governor's team to create new state policies and legislation to help change Florida's education system. It's believed that the results of this study will continue to help DeSantis shape educational policies throughout the remainder of his term.

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