The Best Typeform Alternatives For 2023

Manoj Rana
September 19, 2021
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The Best Typeform Alternatives For 2023
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ypeform was one of the first survey tools to enable non-technical people to create a beautiful form with no design or coding experience.

As an early innovator, Typeform is still one of the most well-known form builders. However, there are plenty of alternatives that now offer the same, or even better solutions. 

We’ll first discuss our solution, Qwary, which gives you all of the survey and video capabilities of Typeform and its add-on, VideoAsk, combined. Then we’ll discuss various other Typeform alternatives that are more appropriate for various use cases.


Plenty of Typeform users have switched to Qwary as it offers many of the same features plus more advanced design, analytics, and video capabilities.

Qwary makes it easier to connect with your customers on a deeper level as:

  1. Our clean UI improves survey response rates.
  2. You can meet them at their preferred platforms (Messenger, SMS, website, email, etc.)
  3. Advanced conditional logic and diversified question and response options (such as video response) create better context around customer feedback.

Our pricing plans are also more competitive than Typeform, with many advanced features (such as video questions and responses) included in pricing plans while Typeform makes them add-ons. 

Let's take a closer look at the product.

Designing Your Survey

Improving survey design is key to increasing survey response rate. Therefore, you can select one of Qwary's hundreds of pre-designed templates to customize.

Once you've selected a template, you can customize it by adjusting the color, adding stock images and videos (provided by a Pixabay and Unsplash integration), or even upload your own images or videos.

After selecting your colors and images, you can arrange the designs as you see fit:

Right Align

Left Align

Qwary also allows you to choose from over 20 different question types. In addition to traditional question types such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, and rating questions, you can also ask video (self recorded) questions, NPS questions, slider list questions, and more (see a full list of question types offered). 

Survey Designer

As generating more context around customer responses is also a top priority, we offer features like video responses so that customers can upload their own responses. Unlike comment sections that take too much of your customer's time to fill in, video responses enable your customer to say everything they want to about your company in just a few quick seconds. 

You can also transform these video responses into valuable testimonials.

[GIF of video response]

Another way Qwary enables users to generate more context from customer responses is by enabling conditional logic jumps. This allows you to ask more relevant targeted questions with logic jumps. 

For example, suppose someone selected "very disappointed" for a customer service question. In that case, you could set the logic to redirect them to a question probing what aspects of the customer service were very disappointing.  

You can also set up advanced logic jumps. For example, if the respondent selects Answer A for BOTH Question 1 and Question 2, you can send them to Question 3A instead of Question 3B. 

Advance Branching

You can also customize where you send the audience post-survey depending on their responses. For example, if the customer responded positively about your brand in 9/10 questions or above, you can send them to a G2 link to write a review.

Finally, we also enable you to translate your survey into X languages to ensure you reach as many people as possible in any geography.

Qwary is super easy to get started with and doesn't require any onboarding (though we're here to help if you need any!). To see for yourself how easy it is to create a survey, start a free trial today.

Integrations and Distribution

Another pillar in Qwary's mission is meeting customers where they are. Therefore, we allow you to distribute your surveys through a variety of channels, including:

  • Sharable URL
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Messenger
  • QR Codes
  • Embed
  • Sharable Link (Anonymous option as well)
  • Two Way Text (Survey questions sent as individual text messages)

If you plan to send the survey by Email, Two Way Text, or SMS, you can write your message directly inside Qwary, upload or manually add contacts, and send it (or schedule your send time) within the platform.

To ensure you obtain the best survey completion rate possible, you can even schedule follow-up reminders.

Qwary also integrates with SalesForce, Hubspot, Zapier, Google, and other tools. For a complete list of integrations, you can view this document.

If you're interested in API and webhooks, we can also send the video feedback directly to you.


Qwary’s analytics not only shows you an overview of customer responses but also key metrics, such as your NPS score, Key driver analysis, sentiment analysis, and more, that can better direct your next actions. 

Here are the seven dashboards you’ll see when you click into your analytics:

  • Insights
  • NPS
  • Rating
  • Questions
  • Responses
  • Sentiment 
  • Key drivers
  • Question Comparison

Insights – Your Main Dashboard

Insights are the default report, which shows overall survey completion rates, drop rates, and more:

Overall Insight


Next to the Insights tab is the NPS dashboard (if you had any NPS questions in your survey), which will show your overall NPS score and a breakdown of how Detractors, Neutrals, and Promoters ranked each question. You can also see your NPS trends over time.

NPS Report


Similar to the NPS tab, you can see your overall rating score, trends, and a breakdown of how people of different overall ratings answered questions.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Report


The Questions tab is an individual breakdown of each question, including total answer count, average rating/answer, median, and standard deviation.


The Responses tab shows you the complete survey results of each individual user for a more granular view of individual problems.

Key drivers

Keydrivers help you figure out what is driving your NPS score up or down. For example, if most people giving you a poor NPS rating also say that your customer experience is poor, this report will show that poor customer support is a key driver in ruining your NPS score. 


If you want to see the correlation between two different questions, you can do so in the compare tab. There are plenty of advanced filters to allow you to compare virtually any survey data.

All of these analytics dashboards are available for download, and you can also send them to a colleague through a link.

If you need better analysis from your survey data, you can try Qwary today for free! 


Qwary is one of the most competitively priced Typeform alternatives as we offer both individual and business plans. Individual plans start at just $19 per month, and business plans start at $32 per month. 

Customer Testimonial

Here’s what a G2 reviewer had to say about Qwary’s pricing:

Who Is This For?

Qwary is a top Typeform alternative and ideal for those looking to increase their survey response rate and obtain more context around respondents' answers. Therefore, it's excellent for researchers, customer feedback, hiring managers, HR (employee feedback), lead qualifications, volunteer forms, and so much more.


Jotform is an online form builder that allows users to create virtually any form imaginable, from product and restaurant order forms to registration and customer satisfaction forms. These can also be used as landing pages and collect payments if necessary.

To use the tool, select one of the templates, customize it with the drag and drop editor, and then embed it on your website.

Jotform Templates

While these form templates are quick and easy to use, they aren't optimized for response rate with few design options. You'll also be limited to very few question types, and there is no video response option.

Therefore, it's designed for surveys that consist of just one or two quick questions.

Here's an example of one of their forms:

Sample Jotform Survey

Like most Typeform alternatives, they offer analytics that shows the number of responses, conversion rate, and the average time it took respondents to complete the survey.

Here are a few things G2 reviewers had to say:

What Customers Love

  1. It's super straightforward to create forms within minutes
  2. Clean builder interface
  3. Excellent integration options

What Customers Would Improve

  1. It lacks design and customization options – forms look "dated," and you can't customize fonts
  2. The forms can be a little buggy – you might need to clear the form cache


You can see all of the pricing options here.

Jotform Pricing

Who Is This Ideal For?

Jotform is an ideal Typeform alternative if you just have one quick question to ask your customers. 


SurveySparrow is one of the best Typeform alternatives as it allows you to create attractive surveys in a conversational style. The SurveySparrow form builder has an easy drag and drop interface, and you can customize virtually every aspect of the design from photos and videos to fonts and colors.

SurveySparrow Survey Sample

Unfortunately, they don’t offer extensive video capabilities such as survey feedback which is a drawback if you wanted to generate video testimonials while gathering feedback data.

SurveySparrow also offers various question types, logic jumps, and NPS calculation with a dedicated NPS survey plan. 

They also flaunt mobile-first survey templates and offer survey chatbots you can embed on your website.

The SurveySparrow analytics dashboard allows you to see response averages, and you can set email notifications to receive reports. 

What Customers Love

  1. The survey design is beautiful
  2. Excellent customer support

What Customers Would Improve

  1. Customers wanted an option to create a single page form
  2. The analytics could be a little more robust and easier to read


Their pricing options are rather complicated with NPS, Business, Individual, and 360 Assessments, so click here for full pricing details. 

SurveySparrow Pricing

Who Is This Ideal For?

SurveySparrow is for those that want to increase survey response rates. Therefore, it’s ideal for customer feedback, internal business operations, and researchers.


Paperform is similar to Jotform in that it is a simple form builder, quiz maker, and even landing page creator that allows you to ask a few questions on a single page. 

It offers more design options and question types than Jotform or Google Forms, which can help improve response rates. The interface is relatively easy to navigate with a drag and drop editor and various easy sharing options.

Paperform Sample

Survey analytics include total views, started submissions, submitted forms, and completion rates. You can even see drop-off questions to better optimize your survey.

If that's not enough, they allow you to add a Facebook pixel to your survey and connect it to your Google Analytics. 

What Customers Love

  1. Paperform's beautiful UI and customization options – upload photos/videos and choose from various question types.
  2. Library of APIs and direct connections

What Customers Would Improve

  1. Some advanced features are challenging if you don't have a technical background.
  2. Many actions require Zapier integrations – for example, scheduling appointments in the customer's local timezone but don’t change it back to your (the user's) timezone.
  3. An inflexible page format


You can see a full breakdown of features and other assets in each pricing tier here.

Paperform Pricing

Who Is This Ideal For?

Paperform is ideal for startups and small businesses that need a quick and easy online form builder that can embed on their website or landing page.


QuestionScout's interface is similar to Typeform, with interactive forms you can use for surveys, lead generation, and more. To get started, you can create a free account (for a 14 day free trial), choose a template (or start from scratch), and then customize it to your liking. 

Here's an example of one of the templates:

Questionscout Sample

Unfortunately, they don't offer much in the analytics department, making it a better tool for qualitative data than quantitative data.

What Customers Love

  1. You can choose between traditional forms (many questions per page) or conversational forms (one question per page).
  2. It allows you to create a score behind each question.
  3. Insert a signature field 

What Customers Would Improve

  1. Survey responses can only be sent to the email address you have with Question Scout.
  2. Its analytics are currently behind industry standards.


They offer personal, starter, pro, and enterprise pricing. You can see the features included in each one here.

Questionscout Pricing

Who is This Ideal For?

QuestionScout is excellent for small businesses and marketing teams that want more qualitative data on their customers, though it may not be the best research tool until its analytics are upgraded.


Wispforms is a newer form builder that is steadily growing in popularity. They offer basic, yet attractive design, and it's a great option for startups and individuals.

Wispforms Survey Designer

After selecting a template, you can customize it with 15 question types, advanced logic jumps, and your own branding and imaging.

Unfortunately, the only sharing options are sharing the URL or embedding it on your website (you can’t send it via SMS, Messenger, etc.). The analytics are also a little intimidating and lack analysis. 

Rather than showing overall scores such as NPS, started but not finished, etc., it only shows you lines of data export.

Wispforms Dashboard

Given that it's a newer company, it doesn't have many reviews at the moment, though the few reviews it does have are mostly positive. 

What Customers Love

  1. You can create beautiful forms for a fraction of the price.
  2. Excellent feature selection for the price!

What Customers Would Improve

  1. More integration options (not just through Zapier).
  2. You can't host forms on your own URL (unless it's embedded).


Wispform is definitely one of the cheapest Typeform alternatives out there, with a free plan and paid plans starting at just $10 per month.

Wispforms Pricing

Who is This Ideal For?

Given that Wispform offers many of the same features found in traditional builders at a cheaper price, it is excellent for startups and scrappy teams that want to create attractive forms and surveys. However, it does lack some of the more powerful features and analytics that advanced teams may need.


Alchemer, formerly known as SurveyGizmo, is one of the leading survey solutions available. As they have evolved into more of a customer feedback platform than just a form builder, they are a little more expensive than some Typeform alternatives on this list.

Its form builder is similar to SurveyMonkey and Google Forms with a simple user interface and multiple questions per page:

Alchemer Survey Sample

As you can see, these forms are more similar to SurveyMonkey and lack the design options of other form builders like Typeform.

However, it does offer a number of different questions, and even the basic pricing tier enables up to 25 questions per survey (and unlimited online surveys).

What Customers Love

  1. Powerful survey tool with great analysis
  2. Plethora integrations available

What Customers Would Change

  1. You pay for a lot of advanced features – and you may not necessarily need them all.
  2. No chat option for customer support


You can see their pricing here.

Alchemer Pricing

Who is This Ideal For?

Alchemer is ideal for larger teams, schools, and other organizations that need access to large data sets and additional customer feedback tools.


If you're looking for a Typeform alternative, you've probably heard of SurveyMonkey as it is another well-established form builder. Known for its simple one-page online surveys, SurveyMonkey makes it easy to create online surveys in minutes.

SurveyMonkey Survey Sample

Maintaining an image of simplicity, it's similar to Google Forms as they don't offer extras like advanced question types or video responses. Nonetheless, it's a good entry-level survey builder.

The analytics dashboard shows basic averages, including NPS, sentiment analysis, and they also allow you to compare your responses with industry benchmarks.

One drawback is that they do not offer a Calendly integration, which can be an issue for lead generation and salespeople.

What Customers Love

  1. Non-technical form that anyone can use.
  2. Affordable for small businesses.

What Customers Would Improve

  1. New users find it can be difficult to set up the first survey, particularly if you want more advanced options.
  2. No Calendly integration.


SurveyMonkey offers a free version for basic quizzes and forms and paid plans broken down by individual and team. Individual plans starting at $32 per month, and team plans start at $25 per month. Here is their team plan pricing:

SurveyMonkey Pricing

Who is This Ideal For?

SurveyMonkey is ideal for researchers, quizzes, and other teams that ask many questions, and respondents are obligated to complete the form. 


Qualtrics is a customer feedback platform designed for larger companies and teams that perform extensive data collection. With 100 plus question forms and robust conditional logic, it's ideal for granular research and also includes over 80 integrations.

Qualtrics has several different security certifications and can therefore be used for medical purposes and other industries collecting sensitive data.

Its surveys are similar to SurveyMonkey in that they offer limited customization options:

Qualtrics Survey Sample

To make your analysis easy, they offer topic and sentiment text analysis for open-text feedback and built-in statistical expertise that makes running regressions easy.

You can also see individual responses and sort them by variables such as rating, gender, and more.

What Customers Love

  1. Extensive question types
  2. Robust analytics and reporting

What Customers Would Improve

  1. As it’s a more robust platform, some design features aren’t available or intuitive
  2. Collaborating with team members can be messy


Pricing isn’t available on the website, though it appears to cater more towards enterprise pricing tiers.

Who is This Ideal For?

Qualtrics is a researcher's dream as it has excellent analytics, and you can ask up to 100 questions. Enterprise businesses that need robust analytics and a larger customer feedback platform will also benefit from Qualtrics.

Try a Typeform Alternative Today

Typeform is hailed for its excellent design capabilities but like any survey tool, it has drawbacks, mainly being the pricing and lack of customer experience options. 

We built Qwary to solve these pain points and more. 

With a more competitive price than Typeform, improved analytics, and more ways to connect with your customers (such as video response), Qwary is a top alternative to Typeform.

Customer Testimonial

To see for yourself why Qwary is an excellent Typeform alternative, try it out for free (no credit card necessary).