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What to Do When Customers Say They Don't Have Time to Complete a Survey

Manoj Rana
January 19, 2021
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What to Do When Customers Say They Don't Have Time to Complete a Survey
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ffer solutions that meet their busy lifestyle.

Surveys are among the easiest and most cost-effective tools that businesses have for getting firsthand accounts of the level of service they provide to their customers. Available in many forms, it isn't unusual for companies of all sizes to conduct surveys year-round. Rather than do it haphazardly, a strategic approach with an end-result in mind is best. To get to know your customers better, you need to study their habits and appeal to them by solving one of their 'pain points.'

Meet Reluctance With Value-Based Solutions

Be in the business of offering customers solutions. When they say they don't have time to complete a survey, explain how fast and easy it is to do. Offer them different ways to answer questions, such as through a smart speaker like Amazon's Echo or Echo Dot. Follow up with them after a few days of a survey sitting idle to nudge your customers to complete the task gently.

The feedback provided to you by customers is a valuable source of information that strengthens your business. You're able to determine your products and services' strengths quickly and weaknesses based on survey results. You can then decide what improves your offerings or how your staff handles customer concerns and complaints.

When customers see that you understand their needs and habits, they're more likely to work with you to facilitate change. They know that the information they provide to you about how they use your products and services can benefit future models or versions of the things you have to offer. Much like beta testers, they can contribute to the design and implementation processes to strengthen your brand and make it more user-friendly.

They feel 'seen' and heard, and you don't spend extra time digging through heaps of data to identify consumer behavior trends. Instead, you get answers delivered to you right from the source. The only challenge is to make sure that the customer gets how quick it is to fill out a survey because time is essential.

You want feedback while details are still fresh in the minds of your customers. That way, they're able to provide you with an accurate account of their dealing with your brand. Things don't get muddled in their memory banks because just as soon as they've received your survey, they've taken the time to complete it.

Qwary + Your Business = The Perfect Partnership

Qwary provides you with the answers that you need to improve your business from the customer's point of view. Our surveys are fast, easy-to-implement, and highly beneficial in every way. From QR Codes to smart speaker-driven inquiries, we make use of the devices that your customers use daily. They don't need to deviate from their routines to answer survey questions, which increases the likelihood of them doing so without additional nudges from you.

A strong call-to-action is what it takes to guide your customers to share their experiences with you. Incentivizing interactions help, too, especially if the rewards for filling out a survey are inexpensive and bring more traffic to your business. A discount for a party of four or more people allows you to impress several new customers with your cuisine, bartending skills, or comedy act.