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Qwary turns insights into action

Qwary turns insights into action with automatic text analysis, sentimental classification, and comment text tagging. Open text answers are the best way to gather detailed responses, but manually tracking and analyzing long text is overwhelming, if not impossible! Qwary simplifies the process by analyzing the vast amounts of largely unstructured data in seconds.

Identity Hidden Trends

Analyze largely unstructured data


Text Analysis

Modernize the time-consuming, expensive process of manually sorting repetitive text.


Sentimental Analysis

AI tools automatically classify information and categorize keyword responses by emotion.


Comment Tagging

Go beyond frequency and sort comments by sentiment for a strategic approach to analysis.

Turning Text into Trends

Unstructured survey comments are evaluated with layers of detail that isolate sentiments, keywords, entities, categorical tags, and more.

Unlike other survey analysis platforms, Qwary is sophisticated enough to break down the mixed emotions that are most important for your brand. Isolate hidden trends and see the deeper meaning behind every comment. The top mentioned entities are also prioritized automatically, so you can see what’s trending and recognize important references in order to adapt and adjust even faster.

Break It Down

A Better Way to Understand Your Audience


Uplift brand ambassadors and encourage social sharing by reinforcing the attributes and features that they already love about your brand.


Use sentimental analysis to clarify mixed emotions, so you can keep what’s working and improve upon subtle negative drivers.


Prioritize negative feedback and identify the customers or employees that need personal attention and follow-up support.

Empowering Business Development

Qwary Helps You…

Scale Up
Structure your survey data in seconds! Qwary turns questionnaires and conversation analytics into an asset, not a chore. Redirect your resources to more important business tasks and don’t let feedback analysis hold you back while you grow.
Isolate and Improve
Pinpoint exactly what’s working and what’s not. Automatic text analysis and comment tagging makes it easy to isolate your specific problems and opportunities for growth. Identify exact CX experiences that you can enhance.
Be Proactive
Experiencing data overwhelm? With Qwary’s dashboard and real-time text analysis, you can detect urgent matters and negative results as soon as they arise.
Effortlessly customize reports to match your branding and export analytics in seconds. Use advanced filters and visual insights for text analysis results that you can understand with a single glance.v
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