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Elevate Customer Experience(CX) With Video Conversation Surveys

Swapnil Bhowmick
May 25, 2021
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Elevate Customer Experience(CX) With Video Conversation Surveys
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losed questions can't reveal hidden truths. Hence open-ended questions are crucial. That is why they play such a vital role in customer experience and market research

Introducing the Phenomenon of Video Surveys

A video survey is a simple way to get answers to your questions.

Video is used by most people to communicate with friends and family, share a selfie on Instagram, or capture a precious moment with their daughter's softball game. Videos have made communication more personal than ever.

With the advancement of technology, we can now turn static forms and surveys into engaging (video) presentations. Not only will the process be more interactive, but the viewer will also be compelled to complete the form.

Familiarity breeds trust. So, from a business standpoint, it is always beneficial to incorporate technologies that potential clients are already familiar with.

How Video Surveys help in Market Research

Customers, consumers, users – anybody – can participate in video surveys to provide market analysis. Brands can ask questions directly to the people who matter most to them, and respondents can answer with video.

For brands, video surveys are simple because they enable them to hear directly from customers. The program examines sentiment, key subjects, and other factors.

One way to centralize your data is to keep all of your video surveys in one location.

Consumers complete video surveys asynchronously, which means they answer the brand's questions on their own time, and the results are visible to the brand as they arrive.

“On the other hand, there is no need for a moderator, which helps get consistent questions to the respondents and removes biases.” 

~Jenn Vogel

Video open-ends work in the same way that text-based open-ends do. Respondents, however, instead of writing down their comments, simply record a video. Videos are frequently more credible than written copy that has been edited.

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved:

  • Consumers like it because it allows them to express their views.
  • It's popular among researchers because it provides them with a wealth of information.
  • It appeals to decision-makers because they are able to identify real-life customer tales.

Respondents are able to express themselves more efficiently by using video. It's also a lot more intimate, giving contact a more human touch. Customers may use body language and facial expressions to convey sentiment. It's a simple, straightforward experience, providing candid and spontaneous responses.

How Video Surveys weave their Magic

Any survey may include video open-ends. Video surveys are created by adding a block of code to the survey platform you're using.

Video open-ends can be directly incorporated into survey platforms like Qwary for quantitative researchers.

Consider the impact of adding actual customer stories to your Net Promoter Score (NPS), Brand Tracker, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings, for example. 

Since end-to-end video research is so easy, you may collect video feedback before or after the survey by enlisting the help of on-demand video feedback communities or panel providers.

So if you want to incorporate video into a new or existing study or collect videos alongside or after a survey, it's all possible with just a few clicks. 

That means you can capture, interpret, and share compelling customer stories through a variety of quantitative and qualitative tests, allowing you to increase the impact of your findings without altering your current program.

"I'm an evangelist for video. The closer we can get to potential investors and consumers, the better. And I believe there is no more effective way than hearing it directly from them. I believe it simply resonates more strongly.”

~Kristin Luck, Serial Marketing Measurement Entrepreneur

Excellent Use Cases for Video Surveys

With video, you can see who is behind your scores. Integrating video into your customer experience surveys will allow you to hear your customers' voices and see their faces from any CX listening point, at any time, and from any place.

Modern-day surveys have the best customer service experts in the world using Qwary to improve the way they gather customer feedback and affect positive change. 

By incorporating video into the following types of survey, you too can bring your customer experience program to life today by amplifying input around the company to foster deeper understanding, greater empathy, and informed decisions.

1 | CSAT & NPS Surveys

Understanding your customers requires gauging customer satisfaction and tracking ongoing changes in data and ratings. You must also consider the "why" behind the ratings, as well as the key indicators behind subtle changes, which is easier said than done in today's world. 

You will begin to better understand the "why" behind shifts in patterns by embedding video questions into your current CSAT and NPS reports, providing much deeper perspectives than you can get from only a text box.

Incorporating video into your CSAT and NPS surveys thus helps in increasing brand loyalty.

Allowing customers to explain why they scored a certain way via video adds much-needed specificity to your results, allowing you to fix gaps, enhance efficiency, and create a loyal customer base. 

You do this by addressing their pain points which, with the help of video, goes the extra mile in showing that you care about your customer’s experience with you.  

They'll even bring their friends with them the next time around!

2 | Transactional Surveys

Transactional surveys allow you to delve deeper into the impact of specific touchpoints on your customer's relationship with your brand. But how do you really comprehend the customers' experience and determine whether they were pleased or dissatisfied with their interaction?

Although text-based responses have a lot of value, people are becoming tired of them: not only are they inconvenient and time-consuming, but it's often difficult to convey emotion via text. 

So, what's the answer?

Incorporating video questions into your surveys allows your consumers to communicate with your brand in a different way, allowing them to actually feel understood. You must also take this opportunity to educate them on your products and business while you’re at it - two birds with one stone!

You can produce richer, more contextual responses by replacing conventional text open-end responses with a video feedback query. This creates a story that really brings your customers' impressions to life and explains why your scores are what they are.

3 | Relationship Surveys

Your relationship surveys will reveal the touchpoints that need the most attention.

Relationship surveys are used to find out how loyal a customer is to a company or brand. Customers are asked to consider their overall experience and satisfaction with an organization in these surveys, which are usually conducted at regular intervals (e.g., quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly).

In most cases, relationship surveys should be the first step. They're the most popular way to calculate your net promoter score and figure out which aspects of your customer experience need to be improved. Choosing which customers to survey and when to submit the surveys is the first step in determining how to use relationship surveys.

Adding contextual video responses to your ongoing customer relationship data helps you to get to the bottom of what's really going on, monitor sentiment, highlight key observations, and quickly spot changes in customer experience. 

With these in-depth perspectives, you'll be able to make informed decisions and back up your findings with rich qualitative input, ensuring that your studies have a real effect on the company rather than just scores.

Ask for more than a score to let your customers help you. By incorporating video questions into relationship surveys, customers become more engaged in the feedback process, resulting in richer, more actionable feedback than aggregated results.

4 | Intercept Surveys

Intercept surveys are a great way to get real-time input from customers right in the middle of their experience. Not later, not two weeks later, but right now. 

Improve your understanding of what motivates people to buy and how their experiences during the purchasing cycle influence their decision to buy.

By incorporating video into the most important touchpoints in the customer experience, you will get closer to your target audience while also learning more about their actions and sharing a more complete story. 

Collect video during in-person intercepts and online to assess the digital experience and gain a better understanding of the main factors that influence positive interactions and purchases.

Deft videos give intercept surveys a new dimension by making qualitative feedback fast and scalable. Integrate video into new and existing intercept touchpoints to catch customers' unfiltered, raw emotions in critical moments.

Incorporate Video into your Customer Experience Surveys to take them to the Next Level


Allow your customers to leave video feedback at any time, from any place, and via any touchpoint. 

Video feedback is more in-depth and richer than text-based alternatives, with 8x the amount of content. Your brain is naturally engineered to process video content 60% faster than it parses text.

Integrate video input into all of your current CX listening points for every provider to really appreciate your customers' experiences.


Powerful video analytics offer real-time insight and alerts into key patterns and trends, recognizing "awe" moments in your consumers' interactions as well as opportunities to quickly and easily turn critics into loyal customers. 

Filter videos by scores or key demographics to gain a deeper understanding of target markets and the emotions behind the interactions you're making, handling, and delivering.


With engaging feedback loops and personalized responses to their specific experiences, show your customers that you're paying attention. 

Video provides an opportunity to enhance customer loyalty and thereby improve the overall experience.

Create an Impact

The most effective way to involve stakeholders and foster empathy within the company is through video stories. 

For improved customer closeness, our unskippable, engaging video surveys put a face to the name. Automated subtitles for video questions allow for easier accessibility, helping in bringing out the true voice of the customer. 

With powerful customer stories highlighting areas of growth or enjoyment, you can influence positive change in your company.

Choose Qwary as your Platform for Unleashing the Power of Video Surveys

Customer tales can be easily integrated into all listening points of the Voice of the Customer software. 

Qwary's best-in-class video conversations CX platform enables brands to genuinely listen to the customer's voice and receive deeper, more emotional input in order to bring data and scores to life. 

Integrate rich, video-based reviews into the current customer satisfaction surveys for more depth and meaning than ever before. 

Video analytics offer real-time insight and alerts into main patterns and developments, finding "awe" moments in the consumers' experiences and ways to turn detractors into promoters. 

With compelling customer stories generated through Qwary, bring your customers into the boardroom virtually to influence positive change in your company.

Contact us to get started on your video surveys journey.